Name: Khir Johari; Date: 28 Aug

What a wonderful team you have! Notably Kenny & Ridwan (delivery service with a smile) and you’re very attentive. Must say Kenny’s dedication towards The Laundry Boutique and its customers is most impressive

Name: Neelesh Oppal; Date: 11th July

Suggest you start a “Golden Service” for expensive & special clothes. We can pay 20-50% extra for a guaranteed special service. Kenny & all staffs are outstanding!!

Name: Chunman; Date: 31 July

Excellent service from Ridwan

Name: Lili; Date 25 July

Ridwan always takes initiative to ask me if I need him to collect laundry. He is very proactive, friendly and warm. I’m very please with his service.

Name: Daigmes Ferracci; Date: 17th July

Keep going! Thank you.

Name: Rosy Lee; Date: 17th July

Good and Friendly service from the crews. Thanks

Name: Margaret;

Keep up the wonderful service.